Group Classes FAQ

Can I drop-in for a class?

You're welcome to drop-in for your first class for FREE: strength or yoga. After that, you can either join the current session or choose to drop in. Drop-ins for yoga and strength are available under Classes.

How long are the class sessions?

I ask clients to commit to a one-month session. Sometimes it's 4 weeks and sometimes it's 5 weeks. If you're joining a session that's already in progress, I can prorate the cost of your session based on the number of weeks left in the month. Just touch base with me through the Contact page, and I'll be happy to accommodate you. Drop-in classes are available as well, under Classes.

Can I purchase a class package instead of signing up for a session?

I don't offer class packages. Over the years, I've found that we truly build consistency when we show up week after week. When you join for a month-long session, you will know that I will be expecting you and I will hold you accountable to your commitment each week.

What is the difference between the 30-minute strength class and the 45-minute strength class?

The 30-minute strength class is my signature 30-minute morning class that will have you feeling strong and energized before you start your day. I offer this class at 6:30AM, three times per week. You have the option of joining the morning class one time per week. If you're looking to build major consistency you can join at the 2-3 workouts per week level, called More Movement - this is also the best value at just $13.33 per class, based on three classes per week.

45-minute classes are offered in the evenings. Both classes focus on the fundamental movements that you use in your daily life: push, pull, hinge, lunge, squat and core work. Both classes include mobility, resistance training using dumbbells and bodyweight and stretching. The 45-minute class has some additional time to focus on strength so we conclude the class with a spicy finisher before we cool down.

What style of yoga do you teach?

My yoga classes are a gentle Hatha flow that's appropriate for beginners. These classes are a perfect way to recover from strength training, to connect your body to your breath and to feel present, grounded and strong. I'm also trained in Yin yoga, so once per month include a Yin class for a deeper stretch.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you miss a class, you're welcome to join any of my other regularly scheduled classes during the same month-long session that you're registered for. Alternatively, you're welcome to request a recording of the class you missed.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, please check your junk mail. I'll send you some important intake documents so that I can learn more about your health and fitness. Once completed, I'll send you the zoom link for your online class or the location information for your in-persona class and I'll be looking forward to moving with you soon!

Do you offer in-person classes?

I currently offer Personal Training in-person in my space in midtown Toronto. I offer in-person outdoor classes and Personal Training from May - October. I offer Zoom classes and Zoom Personal Training year round.

How do I take advantage of the discount for referring my friends?

I want to thank you when you bring new friends who join this community. I'm happy to extend a 25% discount on your next month's session when you have a friend who registers for a month for the first time. Please continue to invite your friends to try a free trial class. I always appreciate your help in growing this community. When your friend signs up for their first month, I will send you a discount code for your following month's registration.

Customized Programming FAQ

Who is customized programming for?

Customized programming is for anyone who wants smart, progressive strength training on their own schedule. Feel Good Your Way is perfect for people who don't want to attend group classes and also don't want to commit to regular, one on one personal training. Customized programming is also an option for people who want to do intermittent or just a few training sessions to get started, but mainly want the flexibility to complete the workout programming on their own.

Does Feel Good Your Way include any personal training sessions?

While you're registered for customized programming, you have the option schedule one-time personal training sessions as needed to support your movement. These in person sessions are optional additions to your programming and are not included in the price of Feel Good Your Way programming. Some clients will choose to do a couple of in-person sessions per month and others may feel comfortable with implementing their programming without scheduling any in-person sessions.

What is my minimum commitment?

You can commit to Feel Good Your Way on a month to month basis. On the third week of each month you will decide whether you intend to continue with customized programming via True Coach and support from Justine for the following month. If you choose to register for the following month, Justine will prepare updates to your current strength programming. If you choose not to continue, your Truecoach access will be archived on the last day of the month.

What does the price include?

The monthly price of Feel Good Your Way includes customized exercise programming for the calendar month including video demonstrations and instructions delivered through the Truecoach app. You'll receive weekly check-ins from Justine and updates to your program on an as-needed basis.

Personal Training FAQ

What are your personal training packages?

I like to customize packages to my clients' needs, by month. We will schedule your sessions for one calendar month, and I will invoice you for that number of sessions. Monthly session packages are payable by e-transfer, in advance.

What's your cancellation policy?

I ask that clients give me 24-hours notice for cancellations. This allows me to better plan my time, and to offer your time to other clients. For cancellations with less than 24-hours notice, I reserve the right count that session as used and to charge for the session. I do make exceptions for emergencies, at my discretion. I do my best to extend the same courtesy to my clients. Your time has value, as does mine.

Do you train clients in their homes?

I offer training either on Zoom or in my space, which is in mid-town Toronto near Bathurst and St. Clair. I do not travel to clients' homes.

How do you deliver programming to your personal training clients?

I deliver all exercise programming through the Truecoach app. This way I can track and progress your programming as needed. For clients who see me in person one time per week or less, I offer access to the Truecoach app and customized programming at a discounted rate ($120 per month). For clients who see me in person two times per week or more, I offer access to the True coach app and programming for free.

How does it work if I want to train with my spouse or a partner?

In my experience, couples often have very different training needs. When I work with couples, I will customize each of your programs to your individual needs. I offer the option to do some individual sessions, some combined sessions and will develop individual and customized at-home programming for you, as neeeded. Please contact me to inquire about rates for training with a partner.