Vol. 30: Terrell Baldock

Vol. 30: Terrell Baldock

Today I get to introduce you to Terrell Baldock of The Barbell Balance. Terrell is a women's health and fitness coach who specializes in pelvic health. She's a mom of three who's all about finding balance with health, fitness, career and family. Terrell and I met because we both completed the Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism certification - we got to nerding out together about the best women's health certifications and the rest is history! Terrell is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness and pelvic health for women. Terrell is a trusted source for elite female athletes, CrossFit Games Athletes, as well as Boston Marathon Runners. If you're interested in returning to high impact activities and are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, go ahead and download her bladder-friendly tips for high impact fitness, no strings attached.

Tell me about your morning self-care routine. I love waking up early to enjoy a cup of hot coffee while it's still quiet. The stronger, the better! I'm an introvert, so I need quiet time to rev me up for the day.

What is your favourite, nourishing breakfast? I'm old school. Love me some eggs, sausage and berries and a bit of orange juice. 

What's your feel-good beverage of choice? I'm going to sound boring here...but it's water!

Do you have a favourite personal development book that you always go back to? I love the book You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero.

What does your weekly movement routine look like? I weight lift 2-4 days a week and hop on a bike 1-2 days a week. Since August, I've been working one on one with an olympic lifting coach 1x weekly and it has been a game changer for me mentally.

Do you take any supplements that you swear by? As a perimenopausal woman who has been losing hair, I found a hair and nail multivitamin that's helping. I also Like a good multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium, and a good 'ole vitamin D.

Name your top values - what do you stand for? I'm a mom first. So all of my decisions circle back to how with this impact my family. Because of this, I structure my business around my family's needs so that I can be present. We don't live near family, so it's just my husband and I, so we've had to develop strategies where we can support one another as we tag team our kids.

When it comes to mindset, are there any mantras that you live by? This or something better.

What's one piece of advice you would give to your younger self? Don't waste your time focusing on how your body looks. Focus on how you feel instead. After gaining about 40 pounds through the pandemic (I was dealing with PTSD due to a traumatic birth experience) and choosing to exercise because it's good for my body as opposed to looking a certain way has been freeing.

What are your most important feel-good routines and rituals? My skin care routine. It wasn't something I paid attention to when I was young, but there's something that feels really good about a small action when life gets busy.

What's your number one indulgence? Gummies. I love candy lol

What's one feel-good self care routine that you could not live without? It has to be my workouts. In the past, I looked at working out as a way to achieve a certain look. But now that I'm in my 40's, fitness has become a way to invest in my future.

Tell us about a service that supports your overall well-being. I see an olympic lifting coach 1x week. Having someone to help me to stay accountable and teaching me technique has been huge. Not only that, but it's been helpful in clearing up space in my brain.

Tell us about a feel-good habit that's important to you right now. Sleep. Honestly! Insomnia has been a symptoms of perimenopause, so when I get the chance to hit my cloud of a bed, I'm all over it!

What's your bed-time routine? My bedtime routine starts with turning down the lights and getting the kids their snack. After we read stories and tuck them in I head to bed and turn on the good place on Netflix. Then I drift off to sleep...until I wake up at 3 am.

What is the boring self-care that you're committed to? Mostly daily walks or hikes. I started walking daily when I was working on navigating depression a few years back. We live near the woods, so being surrounded by nature was healing. Now, I go for a walk or a hike because it's recharging. 

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