Vol. 19: Five Habits I'm Leaning into this Fall

Vol. 19: Five Habits I'm Leaning into this Fall

I've always found that the weeks following daylight savings are a challenge. The combo of the short daylight hours with the decreasing temperatures are difficult on the mental health and overall well-being. Compound that with the revolving door of runny noses and other gross things coming home from school and this is definitely a time of year where slowing down feels necessary. I've joked with my friends that I'm happy to make social plans until daylight savings and then I'll see them again in the spring. Hibernation mode: On. Today I'm sharing five habits that I'm leaning into this fall. Just a reminder that none of my links are ever affiliate links, I just like to share what I love!

Hydration: I find it especially difficult to drink water when it's cold outside. I could go an entire day without feeling thirsty or wanting to drink a glass of water this time of year and I know that this plays into mood, energy levels, sleep, the way that my skin looks, appetite and digestion. To remedy this I'm drinking a ton of herbal teas. I find it much easier to drink warm drinks than water at this time of year and am loving the variety of Pukka teas and Traditional Medicinals to keep me hydrated. 

Getting Cozy: I can't pretend to be a fan of the cold or winter in general, but I'm a huge fan of getting cozy. I'm wearing my favourite Ugg slippers non-stop these days - they were gifted to me by my bestie are very well loved. In the early mornings and in the evenings I like to light beeswax candles. I get them from Ecoexistence, a neigborhood gem that specializes in locally sourced and eco-friendly home goods. The warm glow and mild scent of these beeswax candles are super calming. We have salt lamps on the main floor of our house and also in our bedroom, we use them daily in the fall and winter; they make the house feel super cozy.  

Putting boundaries on my time: I find that my energy levels tend to be low at this time of year and that I need to preserve down-time for myself. This means specifically carving out time that isn't scheduled. While it's always nice to see friends and family and to socialize, I crave quiet unstructured time, and am not shy about saying no to plans simply because I need downtime. Preserving queit unstructured time helps me to return to my chosen plans and to my work feeling more energized and engaged.

Supplements: I have a rotation of supplements from vitamin D to hormone supporting supplements recommended to me by my excellend Naturopath, Rachel Schwartzman, ND at the Dupont Family Clinic. I also dose myself with St. Francis Deep Immune when I'm feeling like I'm surrounded by sick people and my immune system is being taxed. I have no idea whether they work or whether the placebo effect works, but I'm leaning into this and beliving it works.

Creativity: I'm challenging my self to seek out creative opportunities in this season, partly to find joy and partly to expand my own creativity - especially when all I think I want to do is be on the couch under a blanket! Drawing, painting and yoga; yes please. Earlier in the fall I attended artist, Nicole Kagan's Mindful Creativity Workshop, Jen Birenbaum's gorgeous yoga retreat and a fun paint night over at Bloom Bar Studio in my neighborhood. These are calming and nourishing practices that support my nervous system, mental and emotional health during a season that always feels a little hard. 

Tell me how you're supporting yourself this season - I'd love to know about the habits that you're leaning into. Leave a comment below or send me a quick message. You deserve to feel good!

xo Justine



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