Vol. 16: Helaina Cappel

Vol. 16: Helaina Cappel

This is an extra special Feel Good Project because Helaina is my sister (in law), friend and the OG Feel Good First client (formerly Twenty Toes Fitness), way back in 2012. Shes a mom to two of my excellent nephews and the partner to my hilariously witty brother in law. Helaina worked full time as a teacher for many years. She's also a kick-ass entrepreneur who has built a thriving board game publishing company from the ground up. When she sets her mind to something, Helaina is unstoppable. I'm excited that I get to share her feel-good habits today!

Tell me about your morning self-care routine: My morning routine includes an early wake-up so that I have a few minutes of solitude before I get going for the day. I usually work out 3-4 times a week. But if it is a non-workout day, I try to take the time to sleep in a bit longer. During my morning quiet time I set my intentions for the day. This routine allows me to have a clear goal for self care, work, and family. The days when I take the time to do this, I feel like I have clear head.

What is your favourite, nourishing breakfast? Oat milk, frozen broccoli, chia, banana, and strawberry smoothie.

What's your feel-good beverage of choice? My absolute favourite drink is my morning coffee with lots of milk.

Do you have any favourite personal development books that you always go back to? The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown has been a life changer!

What does your weekly movement routine look like? I sit at a desk all day. So my weekly movement is very intentional. I try to walk for 45 minutes, four times per week. Additionally, I spin two to three times a week. I have been getting back into running lately (my long lost love), and have been substituting some spinning with running more recently. Every Friday I work out with Justine (my favourite early morning of the week).

Do you take any supplements that you swear by? Sisu quick dissolve Vitamin D.

When it comes to mindset, are there any mantras that you live by? From the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, "You can do anything for 10 seconds at a time." This helps me get through so much.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self? It's going to be way better than you can ever imagine.

What is your number one indulgence? My favourite indulgence is a very rich and chocolaty piece of flourless chocolate cake.

What is one feel-good self care routine that you could not live without?  I cannot live without my quiet time in the morning.

Name a service that supports your overall well-being and tell us why you love it so much.  I ❤️ therapy!! I see my therapist once a month. I have noticed that my overall mental health, my interactions with others, and physical well-being have all benefitted from it!!

Tell us about a feel-good product that you're obsessed with. A good eye makes all of the difference. After all, the eyes are the window into the soul. So why not frame them well? I am totally obsessed with benefit Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel. 

What is the boring self-care that you're committed to? Physiotherapy for my knees. I have struggled with knee pain for many, many years. It has impacted my physical well-being profoundly. I began physio recently, and it changed my life. I am dedicated to fixing my knees, even though it is not my most fun activity. Yang Liu, my physiotherapist at Yellow Gazebo has helped me so much.  

If I could wave a magic wand and get you 24 hours to do whatever you want, how would you spend that time? I love imagining "what ifs". If I could get 24 hours to do whatever I want, I would definitely go to the Galápagos Islands with my husband.

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