Vol. 14: Sarah Horowitz

Vol. 14: Sarah Horowitz

Today I get to introduce you to Feel Good community member, Sarah Horowitz. You might have practiced yoga with her in one of my classes or seen her on Zoom at an early morning strength class. I have major respect for Sarah's balanced approach to her health and wellness. She's committed and thoughtful, but not too serious and she exudes an energy of calm confidence. Sarah is a psychologist working in private practice with adults. She's also a mother to two powerhouse daughters, and a wife to her best friend who she's known since age 14.

What is your favourite, nourishing breakfast? I LOVE breakfast. Oatmeal cooked with soy milk, maple syrup, and fresh berries is my daily staple. Or Greek yogurt with granola, honey, and fruit. Or Sunny-side-up eggs with challah, butter, and a lightly-dressed arugula salad. And when I can get them, crepes are my all-time favourite.
What's your feel-good beverage of choice? A big mug of dark roast coffee with cream, preferably paired with a book and a patio.
Do you have any favourite personal development books or podcasts that you always go back to? My best personal development comes from the things that help me question and challenge systems that have kept me stuck. One of my favourite podcasts to help me challenge diet culture is Maintenance Phase. I have also gotten a lot of depth in my yoga practice from listening to Susi Hately's podcast, From Pain To Possibility.
What does your weekly movement routine look like? I walk about an hour a day to commute and to clear my head, and on the weekends I usually try to find at least one long walk in an interesting neighbourhood or ravine. I do Justine's strength classes twice a week as well as Wednesday evening yoga. Most mornings if I don't have strength class I do a short personal yoga or Pilates practice. I also love playing the video game Just Dance, and often do that on Saturday nights with a glass of wine.
Name your top values and tell us a little about why they're important to you - what do you stand for? I have a values-identification exercise I like to do every few months or so to realign with these. The personal values I identified most recently are understanding, effectiveness, creativity, grace, and warmth. For me this list encompasses that I aim to be thoughtful about my life, do what actually helps rather than just do things in order to stay busy, and stay equally grounded in my heart and my head. And to let things pass if I don't really have to dig in my heels about them.
What is one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self? So many things! One of my biggest life lessons was that big emotions are just emotions, and that once you ride them out you can feel better, and maybe even find the kernel of truth in them. And to direct your love toward the people who will love you well.
What is one feel-good self care routine that you could not live without Walking everywhere. I come from a long line of women who walk FAST, and some of my best childhood memories involve walking around the city or in the woods with my mother, or walking with her and her sister in the town they grew up in. When I walk I can put things into perspective, feel connected to the world around me, and also channel those matriarchs.
Tell us about a feel-good product that you're obsessed with: I absolutely love the bath products made by local female entrepreneur Mikael Walter-Campbell of Sage & Thistle Handmade Goods. Her whipped body balms, body scrubs, and artisanal soaps (I keep coming back to the Earl Grey & Vanilla Bean soap!) are a treat for my senses.
What is the boring-self care that you're committed to? And, tell us why you do it. Finishing my daily paperwork for my job. As a psychologist I have notes to write about everything, and it's very easy to let them slide in order to stretch a client session out for 5 extra minutes or to attend to an emotional email. When I can prioritize actually finishing my notes before I leave each day, I can go into my next work day with my thoughts organized and greet my clients as my best (or at least better) self.


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